There’s no crying in baseball, but there may be some in parenting 1

I continue to find myself more prone to tears than I ever have been in the past. It’s usually parental things that push me along the path to tears, although a sappy kids movie can also do it. (Seriously, I was near tears watching the Croods. The Croods.) I guess it’s probably not a bad […]

Favorites: Counting Stars || Andrew Peterson 2

I love all of Andrew Peterson’s albums, but this one is a particular favorite. This song, in fact, is the song I name as my favorite when my son asks. I love it. I love the reminder that God is in control, and that He takes a long view, and that there is a reckoning. […]

Self-esteem Boost 1

Sometimes, when I get sad, I read spam comments and feel awesome instead. In the last 24 hours, these things have been said, directed toward me: It’s a real pleasure to find someone who can think like that (Courtesy someone who wants to sell prescription drugs) Created the greatest articles, you have. (Yoda, selling health […]


Keyboard problems 1

I have spilled more than a little coffee on keyboards in my day. I’m not too proud to admit it. Usually, I let them dry out and they bounce back. But, recently, my old standby bit the dust in a coffee spill. Now, I can be functional on my laptop’s keyboard if I have to […]

Benadryl… Whoa

I had a heavy attack of histamines this weekend. We’re talking puffy eyes, sneezy, runny nose. And then to fight that off, you get a whole rash of symptoms from the antihistamines. Benadryl… benadryl is the reason I’m so sure I don’t ever want to do illegal drugs. Hokey smokes. I dislike feeling like I’m […]

Do people really talk like that?

I don’t know what’s scarier — the carefully crafted, excellent-but-unattainable dialogue you find in great TV writing, or the base, gross, unintelligible speech you can observe in reality television. Either way, I think how we speak matters more than our art tends to suggest.

Stubbornness as an Asset 2

There is a heritage of stubbornness among my family — both sides, in fact. My wife has a similar heritage. It is something we fight against at times, when it’s not to our benefit. But, it’s also something that works in our favor much of the time. I saw this at work in the life […]

Happy Birthday

The United States of America. I live here. You aren’t perfect, but you’re a good place to live. Thanks for having me, eh. Try some butter tarts. You’ll be amazed.

A thing you’ll never see

I spent a good while looking at business related stock photography for a presentation. I never found a chart that shows diminishing results. Apparently there’s no call for that. You bury that in 9 point arial somewhere in the back of the corporate report. Pretty graphics are used to show positive results. Lesson learned.