When Stuff Doesn’t Work 1

Entropy. It is happening to all of us. It is a fact of life. Stuff moves from working to not working over time. I experienced this last week with my computer. It’s the finest laptop I’ve ever owned (although there was that Macbook I had for work… but I digress). But, even at that, it […]

Word-of-the-Day: Vocation 1

vo·ca·tion noun \vō-ˈkā-shən\ : a strong desire to spend your life doing a certain kind of work (such as religious work) : the work that a person does or should be doing Full Definition of VOCATION 1 a : a summons or strong inclination to a particular state or course of action; especially : a […]


Build / Destroy

Great words from Winston Churchill. To build may have to be the slow and laborious task of years. To destroy can be the thoughtless act of a single day. That’s good stuff.

Fun Reads: The Eye of the World

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan remains one of my favorite reading memories. Although it was published in 1990, I was in my late teenage years when I first discovered it. It sticks out in my head as one of several completely satisfying reads during those years. (Dune, from last week, was another.) […]


If you feel like giving up… 1

This is a great song from Eric Peters that provides some encouragement to me when I’m tempted to despair. Click the image to catch it on youtube.

2014-10-19 19_39_15-Eric Peters _I Will Go With You_ - New Hope Alsip - YouTube

Wednesday Word of the Day

de·spair verb \di-ˈsper\ : to no longer have any hope or belief that a situation will improve or change Full Definition of DESPAIR intransitive verb : to lose all hope or confidence <despair of winning> transitive verb obsolete : to lose hope for   From Merriam-webster. Good word. Terrible feeling. Fight with all you have.

Tuesday Quotivator:

“One should . . . be able to see things as hopeless and yet be determined to make them otherwise.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald



Fun Reads: Dune 1

What hasn’t already been said about Dune? I’m not sure, but I’m going to try to say it: I managed to come to Frank Herbert’s Dune without knowing what I was getting into. If you still don’t know much about it, i’d love to not ruin it for you. Instead, I’d just encourage you to […]