I’m totally that guy, aren’t I? 1

You know, those lame posts where the person promises that they’re the king of good intentions. That soon the blog posts will flow like honey in the promises land? That’s me right now, isn’t it? Back soon, I think.

Side benefits of sun shine 2

I love sunshine. It’s been a beautiful few days in southern West Virginia — highs in the mid-teens (that’s 55-60 in Belize and the good ol’ USofA), sunshine, warmth. And most of all, kids playing outside. After being somewhat-cooped-up for the winter, my kids are climbing trees again. Getting stuck in them with alarming consistency, […]

How are you reading? 2

I only started listening to audio books last year. I blame Sam. He talks about audio books a lot. He likes them. The first audio book I listened to was Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. It really helped that the reader was fantastic. I’ve listened to 10 more audio books since then, some of them great, […]

A sermon illustration 1

I told this one Sunday morning: There once was a Canadian man. We’ll call him John, for that is his name. John had three sons, Jonathan, Andrew, and Matthew. John wanted to do right by his sons, so he taught them important things. He taught them how to ride a bike. He taught them how […]

Going downhill

So, I’ve been working on my work in progress for, oh, four years now. It’s embarrassing. I’m the kind of person who understands that you just have to do the work — in my head anyway. But I have had varying success at actually doing the work. Well, as I mentioned, I decided to do […]

Anticipation 1

I watched my son experience something he’d been waiting a long time for today. It wasn’t anything major, just a movie he had been waiting to watch for “forever” (or a little while). I think his anticipation of the event was far greater than the actual event. And that without his mom and I working […]

Nerd tool of the day 1

At $35, the Google ChromeCast might be the coolest nerd tool I’ve played with lately. Send any tab from your browser to the tv. It’s been especially handy for live streams of the Olympics. Curling on the TV without running a cable to the tv? Awesome! And then, it integrates really well with Netflix particularly. […]

Snow! 1

I feel like I grew up with a lot of snow. Side note, you know you’re a huge nerd when you start a blog post about getting 18 inches of snow yesterday, and spend 10 minutes reviewing historical snowfall data for your childhood. (Thanks Environment Canada!) Not that I’d do that. But if someone did, […]


When things are beyond your control

Sometimes you can’t control things. Weather is one of those things. Really tough to control. When the radar picture looks like that (thanks, Weather.com), you can only sit and wait and see exactly what the fall out is. Your plans are completely thwarted. It’s not malfeasance, it’s simply God ordering things differently than you did. […]